Favorite Horse App; SmartBlanket

You know what I love? I love the smell of rain. I do not, however, love muddy pens, crusty hocks, stained fur, slippery arenas and wet leather.

Welcome to southern California, where we are extremely unprepared for real weather and are now experiencing that thing which everyone has been hollering about; El Nino.


The theme of my day has been dropping my phone face down in the mud.

But at least it’s clean, expensive mud. Only horse people really know the difference between nice clean expensive dirt and old crappy poopy dirt. We have moved from the ghetto to pony utopia where the dirt is clean and pretty.

I digress.

Amongst all the precipitation I realized something. I never use my weather app. I don’t even know how to get to it. Or if I have one…

If I need to know the weather, I use my favorite Horse app, the SmartPak Smart Blanket app.

I guess it’s the simplicity of being able to see the temperature and chance of rain as well as blanketing suggestions for day and night in a nice organized line. I hate dealing with the chaos of most news and weather pages. No thanks, I’d rather see a picture of my horse instead of some media bull news story. And you enter information about your horse so the suggestions for blanketing are specific to that horse in its environment and living situation.

Anyways, if you have a smart phone, you should give it a shot. Everyone’s blanketing preferences are different but you may find a way to tweak it that works for you.

Have a great ride!


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