Summer, here we come! Heart to Horse box #3

Just as I was getting into the routine of rain and mud and shoveling wheelbarrows full of dirt into my stalls, summer attacks, bringing an entirely new brigade of adversaries.

Here in San Diego, we hardly obey the laws of nature when it comes to the seasons. Winter did hit for a few weeks in December of record colds at night as low as about 38 degrees and some rain throughout January but by the third week of February it felt like spring. The horses had begun to shed their winter coats in gobs and the dry, dead shrubbery began to bloom into a colorful blanket of green foliage and yellow, orange and purple flowers. Now, April showers may bring May flowers elsewhere but here in San Diego the only thing that April brings is bipolar weather and humidity. Things are definitely beginning to heat up and as summer approaches quickly it brings with it a whole new metaphorical season as well.

I’ve begun to stock up on summer supplies of the usual variety; fly spray, swat, mosquito repellant and such. I’m excited to march into battle armed with a packed arsenal of old tricks and new ideas to test. is having a sale on fly control products. It’s definitely worth taking a look at if your mental list of summer essentials is piling up.

Anyways, this is my third month receiving a subscription to the Heart to Horse box from

Last month’s Heart to Horse box definitely got five stars from me for usefulness. This month’s box was very sensible as well and definitely appropriate for the season.

FullSizeRender (1)  This box included the Kensington catch mask, a lightweight red and black lead rope, Mane-Tail-Groom shampoo, a little padded zipper pocket and a lavender air freshener. To begin with, the fly mask itself is worth more than I spent on the whole box. It’s a fly mask that’s designed tobe tough and useful for those who turn out their horses in a big pasture and need to keep them protected from flies and also be able to catch them easily when it’s time to come in. I also like how they included a lead even though I really hate this lead rope. I am a devout cotton lead rope believer. I hate nylon lead lines and I’m not sure what this material is. While it seems lightweight and soft, it’s definitely synthetic and the lightweight feature makes it seem cheap to me. None the less, it just became my emercency rope for my work bag. And for anyone else, it would probably make a great outdoor rope to leave beside the gate when you don’t want your nice ones getting rained on or chewed/played with.

Any shampoo is always useful of course, but especially those with anti-bacterial qualities. Rapture has issues with skin funguses and Gemini occasionally gets what I call ‘little old man’ funguses which are just gunks and things that I’ve seen mostly in older horses.

Of course the air freshener is useful. It’s like they know that us horse people carry about stinky horse stuff in our cars which then makes said car smell like dirty horse blankets. I wonder how they figure that one out…

Even the little zipper pocket, which I didn’t think was all too impressive, came in handy the next day. I was wearing breeches with no pockets and needed a safe place to put my phone so I remembered I had this thing in the box in my car and strapped it to my belt. It now found itself a job.

Yet again, I’m excited for next month’s box.

Next up, Tack Room Attack! Spring cleaning and organization for your home away from home.


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