Rain, rain go away.

I feel so selfish every time I hear the weather forecast predict rain. We get about 15 days of rain, meaning light sprinkles with the occasional two minute drizzle, yet I get so flustered by any precipitation at all.

Its supposed to rain at some point in the next few days and all I can do is groan about how my horses’ stalls will be muddy and all the money I just dumped into shavings will float away with the tiny streams of rain water, or be picked out with the manure. God forbid my horses have a spot of mud on them! I would so easily damn this valley to a rainless existence if my subconscious had its way (along with the magical powers to do so) despite how horribly we need the rain, and how much I usually love it.

On top of the torture of the threats of impending rain, my blankets have yet to even be shipped. I knew I would be kicking myself for not ordering them sooner… that boot mark may last a while…

I’ve come to two conclusions in the past few days. One, I am a moron. Two, winter days do not allot enough time to get anything done. Especially when horses are involved.

I got to the ranch late and began attempting to multitask. Oh Lord, help me. That’s just something I should never attempt when it comes to running water. I set alarms on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget to check the waters that I’d turned on. I was distracted when one of our ranch hands let me know that the draft horses had broken a panel in their stall, and it was pretty serious. I went to grab some supplies to mend the fence temporarily and said ranch hand offered to watch the water while I did so. I scurried off, quickly dismissing my alarm on my phone. What I forgot was that I’d had more than one water running. The big pen water got turned off by the ranch hand, but a small water bucket in a back stall did not. The water ran into the yearlings’ stall and quickly rushed out of a small drainage trench that had been dug previously, but continued right into my Boss’s stud’s pen, filled an L shaped portion along the pipe rail and then proceeded to overflow into the aisles.

The property owner turned off the main water valve, thinking there was a leak. I rushed over, apologized profusely and then began digging little trenches to help the water drain. I spent the remainder of that day running back and forth between trying to bathe Gemini, check to see how the water was doing, answering the phone, putting a cooling sheet on Gem, answering the phone again, soaking grain for Gem, answering the phone again, checking the stud’s pen, answering the phone, putting Gem in his stall, answering the phone….

Suddenly, I had a call for a ride at 3pm…it was 1:45 and all the horses were covered in mud… so instead of feeding the horses, I spent an hour picking the cleanest horses I could find and grooming and saddling them. Because the sun sets so early now, that meant it was pitch black by 5:30 when I got back.

I went home feeling defeated, like the only thing I had gotten done was flooding things.

The next day, I was determine to get things done. Yeah right. I managed to get through all of the waters without flooding anything. I managed to get Gem’s hooves looked at and trimmed. It turns out that he actually doesn’t have an abscess, but his frogs have been eaten up by the moisture. I decided I would dry out his stall and put down some shavings to try to keep the mud from packing into his hooves, but I had to wait to tend to my own horses until I was done with all of the ranch stuff. While pulling out some of the ranch horses to treat them, two of the other, brattier horses decided to let themselves out for a run while my back was turned. So I had one horse standing in the wash rack and one horse with a halter half on his face while I ran off to try to keep two rowdy horses from running amuck through the ranch (right in front of BOTH of my bosses).

Fortunately, the two of them went straight into the arena, but unfortunately, that meant that they galloped around like race horses and wound up the rest of the ranch. There was no use in trying to catch them right away so I resolved to go take care of the horse that I’d left with his halter dangling around his neck. Of course though, while I did that I had to worry that one of the horses was going to get their leg caught in the pipe rail and permanently maim themselves. So I had one horse in the wash rack, whinnying and wondering what the heck was going on, one horse with a halter dangling around his face and neck, and two horses running like mad things in the arena while every other horse on the property is frantically running and bucking and screaming.

Finally at the end of the day, with the sun sinking, I shoveled out as much water as possible and dumped in some new dirt, then added shavings. $90 later, my horses are up to their cannons in shavings. That should do it!

Yeah right. Yesterday evening we had a surprise delivery. One of my waterproof sheets arrived in the mail unexpectedly. Naturally, that meant that I and my mini ventured down to see our horsies.


I wanted to cry. All of my time and money seemed to hardly make a dent at all in the catastrophic lake effect that takes place in my horses’ stalls.

In all honesty, Rapture’s stall is considerably better. But Gemini’s stall is still a pond. On the bright side though, they both seem to actually spend time under their shelters since I pulled off two completely dry day sheets except on the tail flap of Rapture’s sheet because his butt sticks out from under the shelter.

He was so excited to see what was in the plastic bag that held his waterproof sheet. I wish I’d had a photo, but it was too dark. Now, if only Gemini’s would get here so my boys can match!



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