Seraph in Raptures {Bubba’s Update. Plus, name criticism/advice please!}

Choosing a name is no easy task, especially if you’re like me and you’re big on the meaning of names. I had a bit of “divine inspiration” that brought about a name which I think I may stick with for my big sweet boy. It’s a bit unusual but it holds a lot of significance for me and it’s growing on me day by day.

Sunday was an exciting day for us. After a whole week away from my boys at the horse summer camp, I was finally able to get them moved down to the new ranch. As if she hasn’t been a big enough blessing already, not only for her amazing personality and sense of humor as well as so generously working things out so that I can move my lessons down to her ranch, Jess even drove her own truck and trailer up to the old ranch to pick up my boys, helped load my hay, and drove the whole lot down to her ranch for simply the cost of gas.

While we are in this season of “new and better things,” I’ve been searching for the perfect name for “Bubba” and I’m pretty serious about renaming him. I don’t have anything against the name itself but I feel like he’s just too energetic and graceful to have such a common, slow-poke appropriate name. Plus, he is the horse I’ve been waiting for my whole life; he deserves a more respectable name. But when you’ve called someone something for so long it can be kind of awkward to stop.

Everyone who sees him is captivated by him. He is sweet and loving, sensitive, but also fiery and full of life. He is tall with unique conformation and moves almost like a gated horse, with an incredible trot that has several speeds. He is brave and fast; I often tell people, “if Prince Charming rode up on a horse, he would be the horse.” Someone recently suggested that I name him something that had to do with his regal look and the graceful way that he moves. I liked their name suggestion (Regal Action) but didn’t feel that it fit him well, however I did like the suggestion to name him something regal and graceful. I also wanted to name him something that referred back to God because I believe that he was brought into my life for a purpose, certainly not by accident.

I had a bit of “divine inspiration” while driving in my car. I had the word, “Seraph” stuck in my head and I knew that it was a synonym of angel or archangel, which means messenger of God. Suddenly, it came together; Seraph in Raptures. Once I’d gone home and done a bit of research, I realized how perfect it was.

A seraph is actually a Hebrew word meaning “fiery serpent,” and is used to describe a high ranking group of angels with six wings that fly around the throne of God, worshiping him eternally and singing “Holy Holy Holy.” That in itself is pretty epic.

Most people have heard of the term, “in raptures,” usually used to describe someone who is overwhelmed emotionally or infatuated by someone or something. The actual definition is, “ecstatic joy that carries someone to another place or dimension, or a state of lofty emotion; the act of carrying off.”

It has a connection to God and an awesome meaning that describes his movement (carried off in joy) and I can call him Rapture for short, which I think is much more fitting than Bubba. So I’m still rolling that around in my head.


“What do you think? Do I look like a “Rapture” to you?”

The first day went well; the boys got a thorough scrub in the new wash rack, munched on some grain while they dried in the sun and were fitted with their new duds (fly sheets and shoulder guards) plus new stalls with automatic waterers, fresh dirt and shavings.

The next day, I took “Rapture” out for a ride and we ended up down at the beach. He went through a narrow trail with a tarp hung on the fence and trees beside and above the rest of him, crossed two bridges, rode beneath several helicopters, around lots of other horses, and straight into the water. Even though he wanted to trot the entire time, I was still proud of him for being so willing despite all the new obstacles. The scariest part of his day was the camel… There is a baby camel on the property, named Moses, who must just be the weirdest creature he has ever set eyes on because he doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. It seems like every time we pass the pen, he just gets more and more weirded out. Moses, on the other hand, seems to find it hilarious because he gets all excited and runs around when… “Rapture” snorts and tentatively tries to sneak a peek through the fence.

I was worried about how… Rapture’s hooves would do after such a long ride, but I was pleased to find him sound the next day with only a little sensitivity. The softer, riverbed-like sand seems to work well for his poor feet. He only has trouble here and there when passing over the hard parts with some scattered stones. He has no trouble at all in the arena or roundpen which is deeper dirt/sand with some rocks mixed in.

His front hoof sole is abnormally flat and sensitive, and I am considering putting front shoes back on to help ease some of the discomfort. With the soft sand around here, his frog will still have plenty of stimulation because the sand will fill the hoof and put pressure on the frog as he walks. His hooves have been getting stronger and chipping less, but I have a growing suspicion that he has white line disease and that makes me a bit wary of nailing shoes into his hoof wall and trapping/covering the infected area. I’ll be having a second farrier check him out just to get a second opinion from someone that Jess knows and trusts, but that has to wait until I have enough money….

Well, off to shower before my baby girl wakes up from her nap!


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