Review: Equerry’s Products

I haven’t been big on reviewing things via internet in the past, unless the product was horrible of course. Have you ever gone to a tack sale, garage sale, swap meet, or some other shape or form of place where you buy people’s unwanted junk, and found some awesome horse thingy that still has the tags on it? Why is that? I mean, how could you buy something for your horse and not use the crap out of it until it’s barely held together anymore? I certainly don’t have the sort of expendable resources that would allow such a thing. But after buying numerous products online, I’ve come to the realization that it can be a real gamble to do so. I’ve gotten really lucky, but lately there have been a few things that push the envelope and if it hadn’t been for some online reviews, I would have wasted a lot of dough.

But sometimes, you just can’t find enough information on an item, or you don’t know what the circumstances are for a negative reviewer. What if they are just stuck up or their horse is really destructive, or they used the product wrong, or so on? So I’ve decided to begin recording some of my purchases and reviewing some things so that others might have some peace of mind. I thought about doing this in categories, such as a post for all supplements, a post for all horse wear, a post for people-wear, and so forth, but I decided that short, individual posts would probably be better for others looking for a specific product.

So, the first one that I have to review is the Equerry’s supplements I purchased after a lot of consideration. I had originally ordered the Equerry’s Economy supplement from my local feed store but when they put in their order, they shipped the wrong product and ended up with Equerry’s Complete Rx 4-way, which I was also considering trying as well. I ended up taking it as a sign from God and forking over the cash to give it a try. But then, Bubba had to be put on a really strict diet and I put off using it for a month.


In the mean time, the feed store reordered and I picked up the Equerry’s Economy supplement. I had already been feeding my older horse, Gemini, some Biotin and MSM, but when I added in the Equerry’s Economy supplement I saw a change almost immediately. He began playing around like a young horse again, kept on weight really well and his overall health improved. He was able to take on a bit more exercise and still be comfortable. All of a sudden a few weeks later while I was waiting for him to dry after a bath, I turned around and realized his coat had gotten much more radiant. Before starting Equerry’s Economy supplement, he had such a thin coat after shedding his winter fuzz that I thought he had rain rot; you could see his skin through his coat in some places. Now, his coat is very soft and still a nice short, tight length but a lot thicker and way more shiny than ever before. I think the best part about it is the affordability. This supplement includes a wide range of beneficial things but is very affordable; one bag is almost three months worth. You can find it really cheap if you spend some time searching online. I got it at my feed store for about $25 I believe, give or take a few bucks.


When I started Bubba on Equerry’s Combined Rx 4-way a few weeks later, I saw similar results. He’s really bulked up and a lot of his health issues have begun to dissolve. I started him on U-Guard to help with his digestive issues, but I’ve been weaning him off of it because it seems that the Combined Rx is enough on its own to support his digestive system. He no longer sweats excessively and doesn’t plow through two mineral/salt licks a day since using this product and upping his lbs in hay per day. He drinks plenty of water and “passes” his hay regularly, with no colic or other issues even in high-stress situations. He has been eating almost 100% grass hay and does very well with this supplement. I’m very pleased with the improvement I’ve seen in him and I will definitely be purchasing this product again. I also am now a strong believer in this company’s worth and I’d recommend their line of products to any horse person I know. Even though this product can be a bit pricey at around $70, considering the range of ingredients I’d say it’s worth the cash.

I DO suggest that you look around online and call your local feed stores to see where you can pick up this product the cheapest. In my experience, feed stores tend to jack up the price (except the one where I bought mine) and you can usually find them $5-$15 cheaper online. The website I’ve linked to is NOT the cheapest price (actually the most expensive online price I’ve seen) but it has the full product description, ingredients and such so that’s why I linked it.


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