Review: AJ Tack Wholesale and products

If you’re anything like my online-shopping-addicted self, you know the struggle of staring at your virtual shopping cart and wondering if those purchases are worth the money you’re paying (even if it is “10%, 15% or %20 off plus free shipping and free gift and whatever other offer they’re teasing you with). So I decided to start a category for reviews of my horse products that I purchase so that others can find a detailed, reliable review before they buy and hopefully help others know what to expect from the products they purchase.

This review will just be for the products I’ve purchased from and their Ebay account,” Wildwest88″ in the past and just recently.

My very first purchase from AJTackWholesale was from their Ebay account. I won a bid on two of their English saddle blankets, one is black with white and blue-purple trim and the other is the same style, but in burgundy and with no trim. I believe I got them for $10 plus shipping (which they combined and was very affordable).

These blankets are true to the color you see in the photo and are very good quality. The stitching and dye has held up well through the wash as well as being drenched in sweat by my horse several times. I picked the dark colors in hopes that they would stay cleaner and they did. They are very thick, definitely thicker than some of my other brand name saddle blankets. They have a bit of shape to them in the wither area and form well to my high withered horse. They are big enough to fit under my 17″ all purpose English saddle with an inch or so on either side. I was very pleased with these blankets, especially considering that I got them so cheap. But I would definitely go back and buy them at the full $17 again if I needed more blankets, and I plan on doing so when that time comes.

My next order from AJ Tack was another eBay win. I bid on 8 grooming items;

I also purchased a light weight summer fly/scrim sheet from their eBay account. It cost the same on eBay as the website, but the shipping was free when purchased from eBay. (You can find my review/comparison of this fly sheet in another post [CLICK HERE])



The hoof picks are definitely good quality and true to the color in the ad (not so much in my crappy cell phone picture). I fell in love with my friend’s Wahl hoof pick and I like the thick handle in other hoof picks similar to this so that’s why I decided to bid on it. But I never expected that they would be so sturdy. The metal rod of the pick runs all the way through the handle so it’s nice and strong, and I don’t feel like this hoof pick would bend a lot. This is certainly comparable to the quality of the wahl hoof pick. But on the other hand, the Wahl hoof pick is only $5.99 which is $0.99 more than these ones and I’d still prefer the wahl hoof pick.

EDIT; After use, I discovered that these hoof picks do bend pretty easily and I was not very impressed overall. If I had the choice again, I would buy a Wahl hoof pick.

As for the other brushes, after testing them out a few times as well as using them for a week with a horse summer camp. I’m pleased with their ability to withstand use. My favorites are the two curries. I love the “soft” curry for bath time and the “hard” curry is my favorite brush, probably ever, because it has this amazing ability to get out mounds of hair at once (my horse is getting Biotin and sheds a lot). Also, my horses seem to like the massage effect that the thick bristle thingies have…sort of…

As for the others, mane and tail combs are just about average, nothing special but no issues. I don’t particularly care for the straight sweat scrapers; I always prefer the half-moon shaped ones and I still do. But I like these sweat scrapers more than other regular/hard plastic ones.





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