Light and Shadow; Bubba’s Update

I just spent an utterly ridiculous amount of money on horse junk. I literally struggled for days, I want to say over a week, on whether or not to hit that purchase button. Not only that, I paid the trimmer that Tuesday and had the Vet come out on Thursday. I don’t know if you’ve ever clutched to your budget so laboriously that you could barely pry your metaphorical fingers apart after the financial stress began to be relieved. Coming out of this season of…I don’t want to say struggle because a struggle to me is tooth and nail, barely able to eat, choosing between risking your car running out of gas and the lights going out, but coming out of this season of tightness I can really now see a benefit to having to be more diligent about budgeting because I really have to stop and think now before I spend any money at all in order to stay ahead of debt. I had the option to either buy a week’s worth of hay and wonder if it would ever be delivered, and then have to repeat that process a week at a time, never knowing when the deliveries would be made, or just suck it up and put a chunk of change on credit. I chose credit, but it physically hurt.

Aside from that, Bubba is at a “tremendous” weight, according to the vet. But that of course would be due to the tremendous amount of hay he eats per day and the tremendous amount of time he’s spent stalled because of foot soreness (and just soreness all the way around). But that ends this week. He’s gotten more sour, not less, since all of this obsessing began. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s strayed away from an actual, current pain to a memory and anticipation of a pain that has healed. Either way, after everything we’ve been doing and getting a thumbs up from the farrier, the first attempt at saddling him ended poorly. I then decided to try a few new things and get strict about an exercise regimen.

He has run out of his herbal mix as of this week. While that was phasing out, I phased in the Equerry’s 4-Way Complete Rx supplement. I then added in U-Gard which has had some really great results for people whose horses have actually been diagnosed with ulcers, had them treated, and are now maintaining them. Others with just general digestive trouble have not had so much luck. I gave him an extra scoop for the first 5 days (it is a safe dose, recommended for horses under extra stress) since I will be picking up on his exercise. I also added in Simplifly and got him a fly….sheet. I feel like that’s a misleading term. I got him a fly hazmat suit with neck cover and belly guard, which he tore a bit within the first five minutes of course, plus a new fly mask, plus began applying loads of fly spray regularly, plus the new Simplifly supplement. All of this for some little stinkin’ bug? I don’t know if it’s his feed or because he sweats at the drop of a hat, or if he has sweet blood, but flies love him. There will be an entire swarm of flies in his stall, on him and his manure, so thick that it rivals the biblical plague of Egypt. And yet the horse beside him will have less than normal. However, my other horse may not have so many flies but he does react to bug bites with little welts, so I am feeding him Simplifly as well and also purchased him a fly sheet that hasn’t arrived yet.


What else…his feet have been doing great, his frog has spread out just beautifully compared to the shriveled dead slug looking thing that it was before. They’ve also gotten increasingly more tolerant of the hard ground and rocks. When we trimmed him, we opted to trim him a bit short to “correct” but it caused foot soreness, which the trimmer advised me would happen. I won’t be making that decision again, I’d rather he was long but sound. But he’s grown out in even just a week and is doing great. Even though he protested at the saddling and riding, he allowed me to lunge him and cooperated rather well. I really forgot the value of groundwork with him. Our relationship has gotten sort of strained with all of this hoof treatment and obsessing with little results, plus he is very jealous and has to stand there and watch me work with just about every other horse on the property and never ride him. I’m not joking, he gets mad. Have you ever gotten the stink eye from a horse? Even through a fly mask, you can just feel it.

Well, I think that’s it for that update. Up next, fly spray options and their effectiveness.



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