For the Record; Quick Update for Bubba

Bubba’s front hooves are doing fantastic, but both of the boys still need a trim. Unfortunately, next week is “bill week” when all of my collectors attack me at once. So I’m trying to work that out at the moment.

The back two hooves that have bad thrush haven’t shown much change, either good or bad. Since they’re growing out, the damaged area is beginning to be “exfoliated” off of the sole, so it has opened up a bit which makes it much easier to get to. His frog is staying pretty healthy overall with a bit of an attack from the fungus on the very back portion which just peeled off.

His sides have been very sensitive. I was quick to assume that it had something to do with his hay not being soaked long enough since I haven’t been doing it myself all the time as I was the first few weeks, but I now have begun to wonder if it isn’t because of the changes to the amount in milligrams of White Willow Bark. I upped his dosage of White Willow Bark by 400mg so he is now getting 2800 mg both morning and evening. I also upped his Aloe Vera Juice from 4oz to 6oz in hopes that it will help a bit.

We still need to do the 10 day Licorice Tincture regimen, but I will look into that when I know I have enough money for other, slightly less important things like, oh, my cell phone bill and gas in my car….

On a completely unrelated note, are there any other horse people out there who look at a hay truck like most people look at one of those armored vehicles that transfers money to and from banks? I just see bales of hay like bales of money anyway…


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