The Homeopathic Horse; Diet Changes and Update

Joanna, the angel farrier sent from heaven, came by and dropped off a month’s worth of a special natural blend for Bubba that she mixed up for him based on a blend she also makes for another client.

For the past few days, he’s been getting 3600 mg of White Willow Bark and 4oz Aloe Vera juice with a bit of beet pulp in the morning as well as 3600 mg White Willow Bark and 4oz Aloe Vera in the evening with his 1/2lb Beet Pulp (shredded, no molasses) and 2.2oz Equerry’s Combined Rx 4-Way Supplement. Unfortunately, one of the main ingredients in the Combined Rx is grains (no bueno for his condition). So, Joanna mixed him up a new supplement to kick start his healing that has a vegetable base, a ton of Chia seed, Marshmallow Root, Live BAC, Calendula flowers and 175 mg Copper and 500 mg Zinc. She also gave me a little sample bag of Mt Sunrise Bermuda pellets as a carrier for his supplements and Aloe. He is still getting his 3600mg White Willow bark and 4oz Aloe Vera as well as 1/4 cup of said natural magic horse blend, which we are going to call Lakota mix as well as 1/2 cup Bermuda Pellets in the morning and evening.

Let me tell you, breaking open a hundred White Willow Bark capsules and sprinkling it into bags is…not exactly my idea of fun. If this stuff comes in a plain powder, I will certainly be investing in it. But it’s worth it because his overall demeanor has really perked up since he’s been on this stuff. I put his boots on and let him and Gemini into the pasture today for some play time. Bubba was having such a blast getting into trouble, I wish I could have gotten a video.

Also, his ability to stand while I treat his hooves is still improving. He’s been weirdly impatient about the back ones, I’m not sure if that has to do with my timing which always seems to land right around feeding time.

I took the pieces of carpet I’d used in my first attempt at making him some homemade soaking boots and cut them to fit the exact shape of his hoof a bit better (better meaning not perfectly, just better) and scrubbed and packed his back hooves with NO Thrush and then taped the pieces of carpet to the bottom. I’m not sure how it’s going to work, if it will help the (crappy) tape survive any longer or cushion his feet at all but we will see by tomorrow. He has his boots on the front ones so that would be why I only tried it on the back two, in case you’re wondering.

My next endeavor (after picking up more alfalfa, Bermuda pellets, white willow bark, No Thrush, REAL Duct tape, and Apple Cider Vinegar, of course) will be to get the right kind of licorice tincture with no alcohol so that we can start him on a ten day regimen and see if that helps at all.

If it weren’t for an immense downpour of blessings on a daily basis, and the incredible grace of God, there would be literally NO way I could do all of this. God is so good, that’s all I can say.


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