EasyBoot Boa Boots

Thanks to the generosity of a total stranger, Bubba is able to trot around again comfortably and get out some of his pent up energy!

He can trot again!

Posing in his new boots!

While standing in the farrier supply store, picking up some white lightning and swapping ideas with the nice lady behind the counter about Bubba’s thrush and laminitis treatment, another customer walked in and joined the conversation. I mentioned that I was waiting to have enough money to get him some Transition boots from Easy Boot so that he could walk comfortably again and this lady looks at me and says, “I have some boots I’m not using anymore that I could give you.”

My brain didn’t process for a second…

“Really? That would be…wonderful!” I couldn’t even fully express my excitement, disbelief and gratitude. She explained that she’d gotten in an accident and the boots might actually still be trapped in her trunk. Talk about a divine appointment! Sure enough, she had the bag, one boot, both inserts, directions, warranty information and pamphlet, and gave me her address to come pick up the other boot which had been left at her house. I tried to remain somewhat normal on the outside but I was completely freaking out on the inside. I picked up the other boot the next day and drove directly to the ranch to put them on.

They fit PERFECT, were practically brand new, and worked like a charm!

Walking (and not limping)

Walking (and not limping)


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